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Asphalt 7 apk android has been released yesterday, so here we will give you download link, review, and informations all about asphalt 7 android. Gameloft (developer of this game) is known as a developer that has great games. Asphalt is one of the game, this game has been developed until now. This app will invites you to race. Beat all the races and be become a winner. Asphalt 7 heat is available for iOS on June 21, but they say they will launch this for droids on June 25.

Asphalt 7 Apk Android App Download

We can see on iOS Stores that this app is available for iPhone and iPad, but until now there isn’t available on Google Play. So, be patient to wait it available. Maybe this will available on next day. In this version you will get new features, new cars, and new tracks. We think you will like the graphic because this app has great graphic and it will be increase in each series.

What will you get on this series?

New 60 cars with excellent design from many prestigious manufacturers will be yours and you can use it on your race. 15 tracks with excellent design and it’s real from many cities on the world. The best feature is multiplayer mode. You can play with your friends up to 5 use local network or online. You can share your rank, your achievements and you can search new rivals. 6 game modes, 25 leagues, and 150 races will complete the game. We think you will never get bored.

We think this is the best racing game for gadgets. It has many users in previews series and today we get data that show how many people search this game. Watch the trailer, this application looks very attractive, with the look perfect graphic. But is it great on droid? We will give you the reviews after we get the app and will share for you all about this game. iPhone has ratina feature and this app is able to maximize the features on the iPhone retina. We get great graphics there. We think this is better than the previous series.

Well, next day we will give you info update about the game and share download link of asphalt 7 for droid.