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Directv everywhere app for Android would help you enjoy the DIRECTV TV shows with your Android phone. There are good news for you That developer has updated directv everywhere application and now you can download it for free. Well, what is DirecTV? Maybe you are wondering about it. It is premium TV Provider that has many features and you can watch at home and everywhere.

Directv Everywhere App Download for Android

This is popular app on Google Play. It has been installed by millions users. directv everywhere application android was updated on May 17. We think this is good news for you, and what’s new in this version? The current version is 2.2.1. Developers have added a few features in this version. Now, you can access TV Shows from Encore, Starz, Cinemax, HBO and more. On this version will also feature the top TV Shows. So, you will not miss the information about the top TV Shows.

You can download it for free on Google’s play. These applications are available for Android version 2.2 or later, so when downloading it, the version will be tailored to your OS. However, if your device cannot download or you want to download via computer, you can find directv everywhere apk, then install it on your device. This is free for everyone, so it is better to download on Google play in order to install the appropriate version with your device.

Next, let’s talk about the features of directv everywhere apps. The following features would you get if you install this application on your smartphone.

  • Everywhere, you not only get to watch TV at home. Everywhere, when you bring your smartphone, you can watch TV Shows via your smartphone.
  • You can access TV Shows from Encore, Starz, Cinemax, HBO and more.
  • Record TV Shows, here you can record TV Shows you like, so you can watch again and every time.
  • You can browse without interrupting the TV program you are watching. So, it does not interfere with what you watch.
  • All information about the program, such as descriptions, photos, recommendations and ratings are available on this application.
  • There are many television shows that you can watch from anywhere.
  • Parental Control, restricting access to your children.
  • Browse, look for programs that fit this category, channel, date, and more.
  • Share, you can share your favorite Television shows to your Facebook and Twiter account.

Now, let’s talk about pros and cons of directv app. After doing the update, I get very good quality. Menus are available is very easy to use. Display and sound are great. However, there is a slight problem on some devices. My friend uses HTC One S and he get an error in media player when he play it.

Overall, this app gets great ratings on Google Play,  4.2 / 5 is good for new app. Well, if you want to try it on your device, download directv everywhere apps android here.