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Metal slug 3 apk was released 3 days ago by SNK PLAYMORE but metal slug has been downloaded thousands of users in just 3 days. So, this proves that this game is highly anticipated game and it has high quality. First release on July 3, the current version is 1.1. As we know, this arcade and action games are popular games that are available for many devices. The first time we knew about this app on your PC, then for IOS. The developer does not want to leave the Google market, so they provide metal slug android. And now, we can see metal slug 3 has been released.

Download Metal Slug 3 Apk For Android

This is high quality game, so it needs android 2.3.3 as its minimum specifications for the OS. Well, how if you have below it? You can download metal slug apk files then you can install it on your smartphone. It is premium app, you have to pay $7.58. Wow, we think it’s expensive game for droid. But, how about the quality? We will give you information about it on review section.  But first of all let’s see the stories and features of metal slug below.


We think you have known about the stories. This is popular game on the world. Here you are invited to shoot, kill all enemies, and in the final stage you will meet the boss of all enemies. Use your skill to kill them and win the game.


  • Arcade modes and mission modes, this will allow you to choose some stage that you want to play,
  • Various weapons and slugs,
  • Slug vehicles : you will get some vehicles likes Slug Mariners, Drill Slugs, and Elephant Slugs,
  • Play with friends via Bluetooth.


On Google Play this app has 4.1 of rating. Not bad but let’s speak more about it. We try it on Galaxy 2 and it works great with no error on our device. This game has good graphic but nothing special, the sound is also good but we think this has standard quality sounds. Talk about control, it’s more difficult but it’s ok. $7 is expensive price for this app. So, we think this game will has little users because it’s very expensive but if they can update and add more features this will be loved more users.

If you want to play it you can download metal slug 3 apk here. Overall, this is great game and if you are metal slug lovers it’s recommended for you.