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Google maps apk is the solution if you want to download google maps for android through computer. Your smartphone will be the guide when you are on the road. Determine the fastest way and some of the features on the Google map has been presented in this application. This is one of Google’s products that are almost like GPS and always updated. Access the world map on your droid device wherever you are.

Google Maps Apk Download Android

This application was updated last on May 30. The current version is 6.8.0. What’s new in this version? Get directions directly from bubbles folder, find the right place, and fix bugs. If you want to install this app you can install it on all the android version. Google will detect the version that suits your system. If you are looking for apk file, you must know the appropriate version. This is free app, so it is better to download via Google Play if you have an internet connection on your smartphone. But if you do not have any connection to the internet, you can download apk files.

Google map app has several features that help you discover and define the path. Information about hotels, airports, hospitals and other important places are available. Street view, live traffic informations, complete 3D building features on this map. All that has been available in your smartphone and you can access it anytime and anywhere.

It is popular app on the market. We have tried the Nexus. But in this version there are many bugs that need fixing. This is a setback. We cannot use navigation tools, all of a sudden stop working and force close. In previous versions we tried these features and it works great but after do update to the current version we get a lot of trouble.

If you want to try this app, you can download Google maps android here.