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Minecraft 0.3.0 APK is the solution to installing minecraft pocket edition to your android smartphone. Download minecraft apk and install on your phone. This is the popular game of this month, it has been downloaded by users Millions. Latest update in April 24, the current version is 0.3.0. This arcade and action game day will accompany you and make you addicted.

Minecraft 0.3.0 Apk Download for Android

As popular game, minecraft invites you to build a world on the go. Create your own world here, you can invite your friends so, this game became more exciting. Here, you can create masterpieces as you travel, and then you also can play with your friend, use the local network and multiplayer.

This app can run on all versions of android. This is a premium game, you have to pay $ 6.30 to download it. You’ll get some pretty good features. There are two modes, that is your creative survival. Here you get some worlds. 36 types of blocks is available to build your world. Multiplayer modes, this uses local wireless network.

Talks about the quality, we use the Galaxy S and it works great. But on HTC G2, multiplayer mode does not work. Perhaps because the device does not support or trouble on the application. But overall, this is great, we get great quality display and run fine.

If you want to play it, download minecraft android apk files here.