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Shadowgun apk download android article today will share for you shadowgun android apk files download links, features, and app reviews. This arcade & action game is a very popular game among droid users. Current version is 1.1.0 which was updated last time on January 27. So, what’s new? In this version MADFINGER Games (developer) has been updating and adding some features. Here you will get new soundtrack, new gun, new game interaction, new enemy, 4 new levels, and more. Minimum requirements, you should use droid OS version 2.2. You can download this app on Google Play, or if you want to download via computer, we will share shadowgun apk link download for you.

Shadowgun Apk Download Android

It is popular game, beginning with its emergence in the IOS. This game is able to attract the attention and interest of droid users. So, developers don’t want to miss the opportunity, they took the game to android machine. Shadowgun invites you to adventure, killing all the enemies. You can shoot, run, crushing and more.

Here you’ll play as John Slade and your goal is to kill Dr. Edgar Simon, a man with a crazy idea, creating a lot of mutants to protect it. Here you are a very famous bounty hunter in the galaxy. So, to get a great gift, this task is waiting for you. Kill and destroy Dr and all mutants. Shadowgun game on your own colleagues, so you do not play alone. You have to fight all the mutants made by Dr. Edgar Simon and beat him. Here you will be equipped with several weapons. Skip all the levels and kill him to get the victory.

Talk about the features. Shadowgun android has a variety of features. You will get a colleague, a variety of weapons, and you will play in a unique area. As the above description, this new version brings 4 new levels, new animations, graphics, new guns, new enemies, and new sounds.

Well, how about the quality of Shadowgun? We tried to play it in the Galaxy Nexus and it works great. This is a game that’s best for the droid we’ve ever tried. Perhaps because we are lovers of action game, so this is a very good game. Well, we will tell you details. Graphic, you will get 3D look that perfect. Animation created very detailed and clear. Effects shot, crushed, and all, we like it. Sounds, we feel shadowdun game for droid has a pretty good sound, but nothing special that can surprise us in terms of sounds. Well, something that makes us happy is the stories. You can try it. But we get a report that this game has poor controls on the Droid X device. We have not tried on the device, so please tell if there are comments below this article.

Overall, this is best actions and arcade games we’ve ever tried. If you prefer, you can download shadowgun apk for android here.