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Facebook APP Center is the latest breakthrough from Facebook. Android and iPhone App is hot trend this year. So, take advantage of the occasion, Facebook launched a breakthrough in the world of mobile applications. As if not to be outdone by Apple and Google, Facebook is integrating the two stores into the App Center. In recent weeks the app center will be launched and ready to compete with Google Play and IOS Store. But the part of Facebook said that they had no intention to compete with Google and Apple.

Facebook App Center vs iOS Store vs Google Play

“App Center is designed to develop applications that use Facebook, both located in the IOS, Android, or mobile web,” said Aaron Brady, Division of Facebook Mobile App Center.

So, Facebook is not the same as the Google Play or IOS App Store. Facebook just want to grow the applications using the Facebook social network services. This allows us to use the facebook network longer and do not leave Facebook.

By Aaron Brady disclosed that the “App Center” will not pose a threat to Google or Apple, he also said that it will not affect on Google Play or IOS Store finances.

Several points are revealed by the Facebook App Center that will direct users to Google Play or Apple Store according to the required system. They do not re-sell these applications, but will immediately send users to the intended Store. This is not a threat, but even this is a relief. They help promote the applications through their network.

Not all applications can be displayed here. Facebook requires that applications have access through their network, through a facebook login to be able to access the application. So, this may threaten Google Plus network because the system is up and the strong will get stronger as the ruling social network. Yeah, maybe this is the intention of Facebook. Take this opportunity to defend the position of the competition is very rapid social network. Inevitably, now widely growing social network.

However this is an advantage for the developers. They are easy to market their applications for assistance by the largest social network at no cost. Free? According to reports circulating they should give 30%. But we do not know exactly how to use technical Facebook. But according to information given above, it will bring users into Google or IOS. So, if as it means they do not give the cost to developers.

Well, we look forward to the breakthrough of this up.