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100 CryptsNow that you are more familiar with this new game it’s time to play 20 more levels! This « Room escape » puzzle game is the little brother of 100 Gates and will take you down to the Crypts!  As usual we have some levels which are pretty straight forward and some other that need more reflection. Don’t worry we will help you go through these levels easily with our complete guide. Have a look at our walkthrough for 100 Crypts level 21 to level 40. Let’s play now!

Level 21

You have to turn the pieces around in order to have the famous painting done by Edvard Munch.

Level 22

Shake your phone to make the snowball fall and then pick up the key to open the door.

Level 23

Use two fingers, one at each corner of the wooden bar and then move it up and now swipe your finger at the middle to break the bar and be able to open the door.

Level 24

100 Crypts Level 24

Divide your screen in two parts and you need to hit the switches on/off according to the clue on the other side. First line it’s on / off, second line it’s off / on, third line it’s on / off and last line on the right side it’s off / on.

Level 25

Here you need to make the top candles exactly the same as the small candles on the left side and the bottom candles the same as the small candles on the right side.

Level 26

As indicated at the top you need to swipe in the direction where the swords are pointing. But you need to respect the correct order starting from the left on near the door, then the three at the bottom left from top to bottom, three at the bottom right from top to bottom and the last one on the right side.

Level 27

On this level you need to act quick, I recommend you to play this one on a flat surface so you don’t drop your phone! You need to hit all the bells very quickly and at the same time trying to hit the door to go through next level.

Level 28

You can hit the switch quickly to see which stars you need to hit to make the same shape. You will find that you need to hit the three stars at the top, the three at the middle and the bottom left and bottom right (near the switch).

Level 29

First drag the sword to the left side and pick up the broom. Then use the broom from your inventory to quickly swipe over the skulls until they disappear and use the key to open the door.

Level 30

Pick up the axe and swipe on the right side the vines and you will be able to pull the red lever then. Now take the key near the shelves to open the door.

Level 31

You need to follow the path starting from the green +3 so you need to move +3 clockwise and then you will need to move 3 more then follow the arrow etc.. at the end you will arrive at the bottom which is pointing the center and it’s done.

Level 32

Here you need to quickly drag all the circles inside the black hole before it vanishes. So start to do it when the black hole is the biggest.

Level 33

100 Crypts Level 33

You need to hit the cages so it matches with the height of the objects below them. From left to right hit the cages 3x/ 0x / 1x / 2x.

Level 34

From left to right uses theses number to succeed, 3/3/1/1/3.

Level 35

Hit the following letters so they are all spinning at the same time, O/D/E/K/R/S.

Level 36

Press the grey button on the right side very quickly in order to fill completely the orange bar.

Level 37

You need to complete the colors. Put the blue on the first line, then green in the second line and then the light blue and purple for the last line.

Level 38

You need to turn your phone so that each arrow is pointing north and then hit the crystal ball. Do it four times in the good direction and you will succeed this level!

Level 39

You need to sort the countries by size from biggest to smallest. The correct order is Canada/USA/France/Spain/Japan/Germany/Italy/UK.

Level 40

100 Crypts Level 40

You need to carefully watch the order of the spinning for the small circles and then when the press the icon in the middle in the correct order. The order is hazard/star/small circle with lines/dragon/charmed sign/shield/flower.

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