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This game keeps growing with 10 more levels. 100 doors 2013 As usual the new levels are quite hard but mixed with some relatively easy ones. I am sure you won’t be against so tips and advices for these new levels. Stop looking; you are at the right place! We just finished our new complete 100 doors 2013 walkthrough level 61 to 70. Now let’s play together!

Level  61

100 Doors 2013 Level61

First hold you device in the upright position and click on the grey button in front of you (on the ground), then turn your device left and press the boat boat, then left again and press the button in the grass, and last time on the left to press the car button.

Level  62

On this level, each time you go left or right the red line is moving from 30 degrees. Now you need to open the safe by moving from the number of degrees written under each picture. If the object is facing right you need to go right and if facing left, go left. You need to go from top to bottom. So you need to go Right 6x, Left 1x, Right 2x, and Left 9x.

Level  63

The clue is as usual written on the top of the door. You need to count the number of times you see the shape. Don’t forget the bigger shapes 😉 You will find 4 Circles, 16 triangles and 5 squares. So enter the code 4165 to go to next level.

Level  64

Pickup the rope and attach it to the ring on the left side, then drag the rope to the right and take the hammer. Then use it on the cat statue, even if you find it nice J. Now look above the elevator and you will see directions (West, South etc..) You now need to move the clock in order for the red line to face the directions and then hit the press button. Go 9x then press green, then 6x and green, 3x and green and finally 6x and green.

Level  65

100 Doors 2013 Level65

On this level you have a giant piano against the wall. You need to switch all the light in the correct order from left to right. To do so, first hit the 2nd whit key, last white key, 8th black key, 2nd black key, 6th black key and finally the 4th black key.

Level  66

This one is quite easy. Open the door and then drag down the elevator cables down until you see the green arrow.

Level  67

Pick up the three colored light tubes. The clue is on the door. You need to consider the order of the numbers you will see from top to bottom in order to generate the code. Select the blue light and place it above the door. You will see a 6 (1st number) and a 4 (3rd number). Now try with the yellow, you will see 1 (2nd number) and a 9 (last number). And finally with the red light on you have a 7 (4th number) and 3 (5th number). Now you can recompose the code : 614739.

Level  68

You have to spell DOOR on the white boards with the items you have in the room. Start with the purple D on the left, then use the watermelon and the ball to make the “O”s. And finally use the snorkel to do the R.

Level  69

100 Doors 2013 Level69

In the middle of the door you have so numbers which are mirrored. In the order you have 1,2,3 and 4. So enter the code 1234 to go to next level.

Level  70

So here you need to press the set of candles in order to have different combination of candles. Each section between the red lines is equal to one side of the door. The black dots are lit candle and white is no fire.  There is 4 sequences in total. Top left hit 4x to have the mid candle lit, bottom left 6x, top right 1x and bottom right 5x. You have number 14. Then, top left 2x, bottom left 6x, top right 4x and bottom right 7x -> Number 76. 3rd sequence, top left 7x, bottom left 6x, top right 7x, bottom right stay the same to have number 31. Last sequence, top left 3x, bottom left 5x, top right 3x and bottom right 5x for the number 52. Now you have the full code : 14763152.

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