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We are back with the next five levels of this amazing game developed by Gipnetix Games. 100 Doors of Revenge We just finished our new 100 Doors of Revenge Level 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 walkthrough with pictures. In this update we have more logical puzzle style levels with a good balance of decors and tricks. We hope you will enjoy our guide and we will do our best to provide you with more levels very soon.

100 Doors of Revenge Level 46

100 Doors of Revenge Level46

On this level you need to do the Morse code written on the door from top to bottom. For a dot you just need to hit the push button once and for a dash you need to press and hold the push button for at least 3 seconds. To be sure it will work correctly at the end of each row you can make a pause and wait for about 5 seconds.

100 Doors of Revenge Level 47

You need to generate a code by spelling the word “100 DOO”. As usual in this kind of situation the a = 1, b = 2 etc.. So the final code will be: 10041515.

100 Doors of Revenge Level 48

100 Doors of Revenge Level48

Above the door is written the number of each colored balls that you need to make go into the hole. So it’s 3 red / 2 green and 1 blue. But it’s not the correct order. Have a look at the clue on the door and it shows that G>B>R. So start by putting a green ball into the tube and tilt your phone so it goes to the hole. Repeat it now with another green, then one blue and with three reds.

100 Doors of Revenge Level 49

The clue is written above the door, you need to do the three mentioned shapes and press the print button after each. So start by doing a L shape using the left side of the square and press print. Now you can do a T shape and press print and final do a reversed L shape on the right side of the square.

100 Doors of Revenge Level 50

100 Doors of Revenge Level50

You need to separate the ball that represents the layers above the ground and the ones that goes under the ground. The air / grass / sand / water go on the top row. And the dirt / slate / soil / rocks go on the bottom row.

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