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100 doors walkthrough android has been released a few days ago but it has been downloaded by millions people. If you know dooors or 100 floors game this game is like that. 100 doors android has been updated on July 13, the developer has added levels and we will give you easy cheats to pass all levels on 100 doors app easily. Here we will give you walkthrough for level 1-32. To the point let’s play the game now!

100 Doors Walkthrough Android Level 1-32

Door 1 : The first level is very easy, just tap the green button.

Door 2 :  You have to take a key behind the picture, so tap the picture and take the key and use it to open the door.

100 doors 3 : Match the egg and tap the door.

100 doors 4 : Here you have to make 2 squares bigger than the other.

Door 5 : Open the door with your two finger, take the fish and give it to the bear.

100 doors 6 : Here you must write I love you. Easy way is tap 45683968.

Door 7 : Shake your smartphone. After that, tilt your smartphone, place the stone over the button.

Door 8 : Hold 2 lever until the door is opened.

100 doors 9 : Easy way is press dark red, orange twice, red, cyan, orange, lime green, orange, and red.

Door 10 : Break glass case with the rock, use the ax to the cords and tap LRRLLRLR (L = left button R = right button)

Door 11 : Tap the right red slider up to up to lights up the cube.

Door 12 : Tap heart, eight, and triangle.

Door 13 : Just tap 1.

Door 14 : Put the bulb in the socket then turn on the light until three green are on.

Door 15 : Turn smartphone upside down and tap the door.

Door 16 : Use the torch to burn woods on the car, then tilt your phone so the car at the center.

Door 17 : Left is green, red, red and right is red, blue, green. How to change? Just tap the color.

100 door 18 : There are signs. You have to follow it. Turn your smartphone clockwise then counter clockwise.

100 door 19 : Tap 4!, 1!, 3!, 2!, 2!, 3!, 1!, 4!

100 door 20 : Tap like the clue on the center. Fish, tomato, banana, car, chicken, robot.

100 door 21 : Just tap urn , fish, sheep, bull, double faces, and then lobster.

100 door 22 : Use the axe to cut the tree. Tap iron mask, blowtorch, metal door, people, ax, door, tree, door, wooden car, door.

100 door 23 : Tap fish, ship, person, bird, plane, moon.

100 door 24 : input this to the center = 21 on top and 13 above it.

100 door 25 : Show on the analog clock 10:10 after that pull the lever beside the clock.

100 door 26 : Tap open word that different with other letter.

100 door 27 : Close all eyes. Just tap it and drag down. After that, take the key and use it.

100 doors 28 : Tap restart 3x.

100 doors 29 : Tap the bell, take the sword, and tap the devil in many times.

100 doors 30 : Tap 293031.

100 doors 31 : Shake your smartphone, take 3 tubes and put it on the right then turn the knop.

100 doors 32 : Tap 2nd column 5th row glyph 3 times, 4th column 2nd row glyph 1 time, 1st column 3rd row glyph 2 times, and 3rd column 6th row glyph 4 times.

Well, we will give you 100 doors for droid walkthrough if the developer update the game.