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Just a quick update for the 100 doors walkthrough for android, the developer released level 51, 52 and 53. As promised each time they update the game we will help you go through the new levels.


100 Doors Walkthrough Android level 51

100 Doors Level 51

As usually in 100 doors you need to check the numbers on the top of the door. On the right you will see 3 grey buttons on the top is number 1, middle is 2 and bottom is 3.

As you can see there is a small dot on the red button, this will be the dot between the number.

So from right to left you need to type the numbers.

Hit the top and middle square then the red button. (12.)

Hit the middle, bottom, and top square then red. (231.)

Hit the top, middle, and bottom square then red (123.)

Then tap the green arrow on the left of the door.


100 Doors Walkthrough level 52

100 Doors Level 52

Here you need to follow the colors from left to right. Each color is represented by a picture.

When you find the picture for each color there is an arrow, if it’s pointing to the other direction you need to choose the other picture on the line. If the arrow is pointing to the picture itself, just choose this picture.

Answers are : Hit the Fire, banana 2x, coconut 2x    –>open the door


100 Doors Walkthrough level 53

100 Doors Level 53

You need to align the flags with the wind direction.

So for the flags on the left stake, from the top to bottom. Left,Right,Left,Right,Left

And for the flags on the right stake, from top to bottom. Left,Right,Left,Right,Right.

See you soon for new levels update for 100 Doors on Android.

 Answers for level 54-60