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MPI Games updated their game 100 doors with 7 new doors. Here is the 100 doors walkthrough for android for new levels 54 to 60. Even during holidays we help you solve the new doors!  I hope you will enjoy it. Don’t hesitate to rate this guide and make comments.

100 Doors Walkthrough Android level 54

100 Doors Level 54

You need to turn the stars so they match with each other.

Start on the left side and hit one time the top star, then 4 times the middle star and 1 time the bottom star. On the right side hit 5 times the middle star and you are good to go.

100 Doors Walkthrough level 55

To help you, the elephant is afraid of the mouse, the mouse is afraid of the cat, the cat is afraid of the dog, the dog is afraid of snakes and the snakes are afraid of eagles.

So hit in this order : elephant, mouse, cat, dog, snake and eagle.

100 Doors level 56

Here you must switch on all green lights above the door. To do so you need to tap electrical plugs on the top left, top right , bottom left and bottom right.

100 Doors Walkthrough Android level 57

You need to drag the 4 circles toward the door and press them in the order shown on the top of the door. Hit 5,3,9 and 7.

100 Doors Walkthrough level 58

Obviously you need to extinguish the fire in front of the door. First take the bucket in your inventory, and then place it under the fire hydrant. Pick up the full bucket and throw it on the fire.

100 Doors level 59

First tap the blue rock on the top left, then hit the ball of paper on the right 1 time, they should now be flying in front of the door. Now add the bottom left object and keep pressing it at least 3 times until the door opens.

100 Doors Walkthrough Android level 60

100 Doors Level 60

You need to keep pressing the doors and remember how many shapes/numbers you can count on each door to then enter the secret code. The crossed shapes or numbers are not counting.

Door n°1 you will see 1 number, Door n°2 = 3, Door n°3 = 2, Door n°4 = 2, Door n°5 = 1 and Door n°6 = 1.

You can now enter the code number 1 3 2 2 1 1 to open the door.

Answers for level 61 to 67