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MPI released 10 new levels for 100 Doors X on iPhone and iPad. 100 Doors XThis game is very well known on Google Play and is has now been released on Apple Store for IOS devices. You can now try to open 10 new doors in order to reach level 30. If you have trouble with some levels, here you will find our 100 Doors X walkthrough level 21 to 30.

Enjoy the new doors and let’s play!

100 Doors X Level 21 : Select the axe and then press the door to cut the tree. Then use the mask and the torch to open the metal door. To open the last door select the people, the axe, the tree and the car then press the middle to break the portal.

100 Doors X Level 22: Here you need to guess the order of the objects in the sky. So tap fish, boat, person, bird, plane and moon.

100 Doors X Level 23 : On the center of the door type in 21 for the first row and 13 for the second row.

100 Doors X Level 24 : Move the clock to 10:10 and then use the lever on the left of the door to open it.

100 Doors X Level 25 : You need to click on the word which is different from all the others. The best way to find it is turn your device upside down and click on the middle first word (just above your phone clock). Or you can just click on the middle word on the very top of your screen if you don’t want to turn it upside down.

100 Doors X Level 26 : Close all eyes. Just click on an eye and drag it down to close it. Then take the key in the middle and use it to open the door.

100 Doors X Level 27 : Click on the restart level button (the green arrow) 3 times and the door will open.

100 Doors X Level 28 : Hit the bell and while the monster is looking away you can steal his sword. Then select it in your inventory and hit him many times with the sword.

100 Doors X Level 29 : Enter the code 282930.

100 Doors X Level 30 : Shake your iPhone/iPad and take the 3 white tubes on the floor. Then select them in your inventory and press the circle on the right. Now you can spin the circle clockwise to open the door.

You now reached the end of level 30; we will help you with 100 doors X for iPhone walkthrough when new levels are coming.