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Here you will find the new 10 levels for 100 Doors X iPhone and iPad. 100 Doors X This famous game, first available for Android devices, is now challenging IOS users. I am sure you will not be against a little help to reach level 50. Well here is your complete 100 Doors X walkthrough level 41 to level 50. I hope you will enjoy it!

100 Doors X Level 41 : Here you have to sort the guns by their power of fire.

The order is number 3 on the right, number 4 on the left, number 3 left, last one on the left, number 4 right, number 1 right, number 1 left, number 2 right, last one right and number 2 right.

100 Doors X Level 42 :

100 Doors X Level42You need to switch the colors from the left to the right and flip them. Like a mirror effect. Have a look at the picture for the first step. Then do the same with the red, orange, green and yellow colors.

100 Doors X Level 43 : You need to follow the picture on ground and use the order of bubble from big to small.  You need to flip your phone first on the top right and make the cart click on the top right.

Then make the cart click the bottom left.

Now make the cart click on the bottom right.

And finally make the cart click on the top left.

100 Doors X Level 44 : This one is not easy as you need to break the code of an ancient alphabet. It’s difficult to explain so I will show you the picture of the right symbols you need to choose in order to open the door. See above :

100 Doors X Level44

100 Doors X Level 45 : Hit the arrow number near the ST sign

Hit the double arrow in the bottom left corner

Hit the arrow on the right side

Hit the arrow on the top which is pointing down

Hit the arrow on the door pointing diagonally towards the ST sign

The door will open and you can then access the next level.

100 Doors X Level 46 : Hit A1, F1, D2, C8, E7

100 Doors X Level  47 : As you can see on the top of the door this is a not usual math equation. 815 has to be read as august 15th for example. You can now solve the operations. The triangle is 10 and the square is 23.

100 Doors X Level 48 : You need to count the parts of each picture.

Hit the sun, chair, waves, II, triangle and building.

100 Doors X Level 49 : You have to tap the picture associated with the pictures above the door like a puzzle.

Hit the picture of the moon, genie bottle, tree, black hat, night and mars.

100 Doors X Level 50:

100 Doors X Level50

As usually in 100 doors you need to check the numbers on the top of the door. On the right you will see 3 grey buttons on the top is number 1, middle is 2 and bottom is 3.

As you can see there is a small dot on the red button, this will be the dot between the number.

So from right to left you need to type the numbers.

Hit the top and middle square then the red button. (12.)

Hit the middle, bottom, and top square then red. (231.)

Hit the top, middle, and bottom square then red (123.)

Then tap the green arrow on the left of the door.

Congratulation you have now reached the end of level 50. See you soon for more updates on 100 Doors X for iPhone.

100 Doors X Level 51-60