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Here is 10 new levels for 100 Doors X iPhone and iPad. 100 Doors X I have to say that these level were pretty tuff to figure out. So I am sure you won’t be against a small help to reach level 70. So look at our full guide 100 Doors X walkthrough level 61 to level 70. I hope you will enjoy it!

100 Doors X Level 61

The clock is showing 12:30, but since you see the moon you can understand that it’s 12:30 AM. If you transfer that into military time press the code 0030.

100 Doors X Level 62

Here you need to remove all 6 pieces of the triangle by landing on it with the 2 bottoms.

Press : +3, +3, -2, +3, -2, +3

100 Doors X Level 63

As usually with 100 doors the right answer is written on the top of the door. So you need a KEY to open the door, then spell KEY and the door will open.

100 Doors X Level 64

100 Doors X Level 64

First you need to take the balloon in your inventory and then place it at the end of the air pump hose on the right. Then click on the air pump a few times and it will click on the green bottom to open the door.

100 Doors X Level 65

Press the cups in this order : 1 2 1 3 3 2 1 2 3 3 3

You should now have a key or find one on the floor. Then you can open the door.

100 Doors X Level 66

100 Doors X Level 66

Pick up the bucket with water and then select it in your inventory and click on the shaped contained. Then tilt your android to the right for a couple of seconds. Now pick up the empty bucket and press the tank of water. The door will open when the tank is empty.

100 Doors X Level  67

Here you need to move all the blue pieces on the left pole to the right pole, but it has to be on the exact order. To help you we will say that the left pole is A, middle pole is B and right pole is C. You need to move the blue pieces in this order:

A->B, A->C, B->C, A->B, C->A, C->B, A->B, A->C, B->A, B->C, A->B,C->A, B->A, B->C, A->B, A->C,B->C

100 Doors X Level 68

On this level you just need to write the name of the animals with the letters. Answers are: BEAR, CRAB, DUCK, FISH, FROG, LION

100 Doors X Level 69

100 Doors X Level 69

You need to change the direction of the triangle according to the answers on the top of the door.

Each triangle is the color of a fraction. The triangle needs to face the direction of the number 1.

See the picture above for answers.

100 Doors X Level 70

On this level you need to count the number of keys of each color and tap the circle when the exact number is written. Tap the red circle on 4, the yellow circle on 0, the green circle on 5 and the blue circle on 5. Remember that if you do it wrong you will need to start again the level.

You have now reached level 70. Now we need to wait a bite to see new level!