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100 Doors X iPhone and iPad just got updated by 11 levels. The game is now exactly the same for Iphone and Android users. 100 Doors X I have to say that these levels were quite hard to figure out. So I am sure you will be very happy to learn all the tricks and tips to reach level 81. So look at our full guide 100 Doors X walkthrough level 71 to level 81. I hope you will enjoy it!

100 Doors X Level 71

The clock is showing you the starting point and then you need to find a number with the degree shown on the top of the door. To make it easier you can divide the numbers above the door by 30.

The secret code is: 395826

100 Doors X Level 72

You need to find the differences between the left and the right door. As written on the top of the door, there are 5 differences. Click on each differences and the door will open. Check the picture above for answers.

100 Doors X Level 72

100 Doors X Level 73

On this level you need to press the pictures in the correct order (what eats what). First select the grass, then grasshopper, hamster, snake, owl and hawk.

100 Doors X Level 74

The tip here is the rat , it’s like in Ninja Turtles! Each square has to have a ninja turtle name.

Top left is Michelangelo, top right is Raffaello, bottom left is Donatello and bottom right is Leonardo.

100 Doors X Level 75

The clue is written on the wall you need to guess for each symbol how many triangles you can create. Enter the following code : 9012

100 Doors X Level 76

100 Doors X Level 76

You have to match the numbers across each other in order to find the final code. But depending on the angle you look the middle sign is a + or a multiply. 1×5 = 5, 2+6=8, 3×7=21, 8+4=12 so enter the final code 582112 and proceed to next level!

100 Doors X Level  77

You need to measure how tall the mushrooms are and put the code in the correct order from the mushroom with 1 dot to the mushroom with 4 dots. Enter the code 8426.

100 Doors X Level 78

You need to try each button to see which lights are switched on. But there is a secret 5th button on the top right just above the brick which goes into the wall. The correct combination is top left button, then top right button and the secret button.

100 Doors X Level 79

Here you need to use a special order so solve the puzzle. Consider the dots are labeled




You need to press them in this order: 1, 4, 7, 6, 4, 3, 1, 2, 5, 6, 2, 3, 6

100 Doors X Level 80

You need to turn the circles so the red ball gets to the green button.

100 Doors X Level 81

100 Doors X Level 81

You need to move everything from the left side to the right side. But be careful the goat will eat lettuce and the wolf will eat the goat.

The correct move is Goat, boat, lettuce, goat, wolf, boat, goat.

You have now reached level 81. Now we need to wait a bite to see new level!