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100 exits walkthrough will help you to pass the 100 exit game easily. 100 exit is a new game that has been released by Apperleft Ltd. This game is like 100 floors and dooors. Maybe if you have tried the game, you will feel that this game is similar to the two games. Well, this game is not inferior to the two previous games. You must solve the mystery to get through the door. Then, below we have written 100 exits cheats for you. To the point, let’s play it now.

100 Exits Walkthrough Levels 1-11

100 exit 1 : This is the easiest level on this game. Here you just need to tap the door. So it is open.

100 exit 2 : You have to drop the wood. How to do it? Just tilt your smartphone upside. Then slide the door to the right to open it.

100 exit 3 : First, shake your phone to get the key. Take the key and then use that key to open.

100 exits level 4 : Besides, there is V sign, it means you have to knock 5 times.

100 exit 5 : Tab 2 green button rapidly until the red mark is gone, then tab the door before the red mark appeared again.

100 exits level 6 : Tilt your phone right to move the cans to the middle. Then tilt your device quickly towards you and away from you. So, the can was thrown into the door.

100 exits 7 : Tab circle on the middle top, then left, bottom, and right and finally center. So, the sign on the door changed. Then, tap the button that has a black back and tap the center.

100 exits level 8 : Tap the appropriate image that we display on this article.

100 exits level 9 : Click the first and second cars from the left, then click the second and first from right, finally tap the door.

100 exit 10 : First, click the home button on this game, then press the home button on your smartphone otmbol real, then open the application again.

100 exit 11 : Final level, this is easy, just tap the ring with SOS code morse. Dot-dot-dot dash-dash-dash dot-dot-dot.

Yeah, you have passed all levels. We will back and give you 100 exits game walkthrough for next levels.