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100 Floors Walkthrough Level 31-55 will help you to get rid of difficult level on 100 floor iPhone game. In previous articles we have shared 100 floor cheats for level 1-30, so here we will share next level. Playing this game is fun, but if we have trouble or cannot pass a level on this app, we become irritated. Well, to the point, let’s play it now.

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 31-55

100 floor 31 : Take screwdriver, then use it to remove the screws on the sign, then turn the sign 360 degrees.

100 floors level 32 : Here you have to make all the diagonal, the sum is 12, in accordance with dots above the door

100 floor 33 : You must press the button corresponding to the color of the painted image on the elevator

100 floor level 34 : This is easy, just press the tiles “100 floors”

100 floor 35 : First, attach the cable to turn the numbers in front of the door. Then, change the 88 to 35, just click the line you want to delete.

100 floors 36 : We will give you the answer, just tap fish, dog, apple, plane, and finally moon.

100 floor 37 : There is a tile, sliding it down. That after click the button 3 times. Then slide the barrel, and then the door will open.

100 floor 38 : Appoint a needle into the green areas, move the big clock, medium and then small

100 floor level 39 : You should be able to draw through the gray colored with just four lines, how to do that? Draw a diagonal line from the right top, after that straight up, back down diagonally, and a straight left.

100 floors 40 : It’s very easy, just set silent your smartphone.

100 floor 41 : First, you have to look for clues. Click several times on the insects next door, guess what objects are drawn by the insects through the motions, and then match it to the picture on the door

100 floor 42 : First, turn off the lights, just press the button at the bottom right. Take the hammer, and slide the door to the right, left, up, then down. Then match the existing sign on the door as follows. Triangle at the top left, square at the top right, diamond at the bottom right, and finally circle at the bottom left. Just tap on that sign to change it.

100 floor 43 : Move the plant to the center, then take a ball and place it on the hole at the left, tilt your smartphone until a ball can be moved to the right. Then move the plants to side.

100 floor level 44 : Move the plant to the left. Then change the color on the door from left to right as follows. gray, white, black, white. How to change? just tap it.

100 floor level 45 : Destroy the silver box to use a hammer.Ccut the rope of balloons with a knife, and so tilt your smartphone, press the balloon. Be careful, do not let the balloon burst.

100 floors 46 : Match the marks on the walls and floor (this is a reflection)

100 floors level 47 : Make like the picture above

100 floor 48 : Cut all the plants are vines, after that tap white button 5 times, 5 times for yellow and pink 4 times.

100 floors level 49 : We will give you the key. Tap S 2x, after that W, then O, finally R

100 floor level 50 : Just do fast tap on the door.

100 floors level 51 : resemble a sword

100 floor level 52 : Tap pink sign until display 1225

100 floors 53 : Pick up a box with a red hook, and then tap the black button behind it, after that grab and use the wrench to break the cage.

100 floors level 54 : This is the key, 03150405

100 floors level 55 : Tilt your phone to form a suitable color and blend until it covered the door.

Well, next level is coming soon. We will give you 100 floors app walkthrough if next level come.