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100 Floors Walkthrough here will show you easy tips to pass level 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, and 90. Yesterday, Tobi Apps has released new level for its great app “100 floors”. We have released the 100 floor cheats for level 56-80 some days ago and now they have updated their app. They are very quick release version so we do not get bored with this app. By the way, have you downloaded this version? If you are puzzle games lover, this is recommended for you.

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 81-90

Well, to the point, this is the walkthrough.

100 floors 81: It’s easy to pass this level. You must get 81 of result. So, tilt your device upside down. Then tap 9×9= or You just need to tap 6 on the left, x on top and 6 beside x on top. Then tap =

100 floor 82: Tap knife and tap on the right bottom (there is hidden hole). If you get it, you will get Dragon eye. Take it and put on left door. Tap the left eye dragon, arrow pointing to the left (9 O’clock). Then tap the right, until you get knob on the left (4 O’clock). Take the knob, then put it on the right of the door. Hold the knob and use your other finger to tap the door.

100 floor 83: You need to complete the puzzle. We give the solutions on image above.

100 floor 84: Listen the sound to get the right timing to press. Triangle means press 3 buttons. | Means press red button. Then
+ means press blue buttons (2 buttons). Triangle, press 3 buttons again.

100 floor 85: See the clue above the door. Light numbers means you have to light a candle. Black numbers mean you should turn off the wax with a knife. 1 means the left candle, 2 means the middle candle and 3 means the right. Do it now and see the clue.

100 floor level 86: Tap the number on the door, it is a clue. Tap 11 so that rotates to the left. Follow the direction of rotation is at a large clockwise and stop at number 11. Do it on other numbers!

100 floor level 87: Shake your device so the bear weak up. Touch the bear and wait it to sleep again. Tap the green button.

100 floor level 88: Drag the left up cap to down. Then, drag the middle right cap to left. Take the ball and put it on right up cap.

100 floors level 89: Tap Se, Si, Ni, Fi, Fo

100 floors level 90: Tap left, left, left, middle, middle, middle, left, right, right, and tap corner right beside the door (see image above).

Congratulation, you have passed all levels on this version. We will give you 100 floor walkthrough if they update this app again.