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Bridge constructor walkthrough westlands island will help you to pass all levels in this island. In this island, there are six bridges that have to get up. Here we will give a picture of bridge constructor cheat, so you do not need to download a video, or see the video because it takes a long time. We only give you the image at each bridge level. So, you can pass all the levels or choose the level that you think is difficult to mark download all the tips on video.

Bridge Constructor Walkthrough Westlands Island

If you do not know “what is bridge constructor?” It is popular game in this week’s IOS. Here you will be a constructor, build bridges over deep valleys, canals, or rivers. Not only to build, once you finish the job of building your bridge will be tested with car and truck. So, you should pay attention to your building’s power.

This game has 30 levels and there are five islands. You can build it using the Wood, Steel, Cables, Concrete pillars. Once successful, you can share your results on Facebook. This game is a new game from Headup, but has many fans. This is a premium app, so you have to pay $ 2.99 to download bridges constructor for the iPhone. Well, that is an overview of this app, next we will share walkthroughs, solutions, and tips for you to build a great bridge in the Weslands Island.

Bridge 1 walkthrough


This level is still relatively easy, you’ll build a bridge over the water and only requires 5 steps.

Bridge 2 walkthrough


9 steps needed to build a bridge above, next let’s do level 3

Bridge 3 cheat


It’s easy. So, let’s go to level 4

Bridge 4 cheat


It’s like level 1, but this situation has a greater distance.

Bridge 5 walkthrough


This is equivalent to level 4

Bridge 6 cheats


This is the last level in the Westlands Island. A little tricky, but with the above strategy you will be able to pass through easily.

Well, six bridges you’ve made, next we will update cheats of bridges Constructor game for central mainland.