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Dooors Walkthrough Solution Level 36-50 will help you through dooors iPhone game easily. Yeah, this is for level 36-50, which was released a few days ago. Playing doors app is very fun in our opinion, but some TTTWE users get upset when cannot get through a few levels. Well, we’ll make the doors solutions for you, so it’s easy to pass this level. Let’s play it now.

Dooors Walkthrough Solution Level 36-50

Dooors level 36 : You have to make the red color bar at the top of door to green. Just tap the wall above the red ball to search gray buttons around it. After finding it, tap the button, so the door is open.

Dooors level 37 : Take UV Flashlight under the globe and use them to illuminate the wall above door, there is the image state. Well to the point, there are two buttons besides the door. Tap the right botton, then left, left, right, right, left, right.

Doors 38 : Use a UV Flashlight to illuminate above door. There is a clue where you should put the ball and stone. Tilt your phone to right, so the ball and stone to right. After that, tilt your phone to left until the ball to left.

Dooors 39 : Well, we will give you solution here. Just tap blue square, yellow, red, green, yellow, blue.

Doors 40 : Above the door was a clue. Sliding doors to follow the instructions. (Left, down, and right)

Dooors level 41 : Here just shake your device to change red light above door to green.

Dooors level 42 : Select water icon on the left, and fire icon on the right.Dooors level 43 : Tilt your smartphone left, lift the bucket and pick up the remote. Use the remote and see above door. Then, tap left until you get number 2 and left 7.

Doors 44 : Use brush to clean the wall. See the clue. Next, tap the square to get something which is the owner of the footprints.

Doors level 45 : Tap on the 9 o’clock (or 45 seconds). Wait until the needle indicates 45 seconds, then tap the green button.

Dooors 46 : Change the position of the mark on the circle according to our instructions. Left from top = \ / \ / and right = / \ / \

Dooors 47 : Slide the door left, after that just wait eyes close, then door will open.

Dooors level 48 : Take the object in front of you. Relate it to the right hook, then take a bucket and link on the left hook.

Doors 49 : Burn the rope in front of you. Open the gate, and change the sign of a circle as directed above the door. (see the position of the eye)

Dooors level 50 : Make only 50 green dots.

Well, see you on next doors app walkthrough.

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