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We are back with the next 8 levels of this new version of the famous Dooors room escape game.Dooors2 In this game you will find no keypad, it’s only logical puzzle to be able to escape the room and proceed to the next level. Have a look at our new Dooors2 Level 9 to 16 walkthrough with pictures. We will do our best to provide you more level answers very soon.

Dooors2 Level 9

Have a look at the stripes on the door. Move the left lever so it goes in the same direction as the black stripes on the door. On the right side do the same for the red stripes and the red lever.

Dooors2 Level 10

Click on the plan hidden behind the right plant. You will see a map with the correct order you need to slide the door. So the correct combination is this one: slide left / up / right / right / down / down / left / left.

Dooors2 Level 11

Dooors2 Level11

Drag the black dot on the wall up and down several times in order to open the dinosaur skull. Then take the fire extinguisher and us it on the fire.

Dooors2 Level 12

Hit the right panel in the wall and change the colors. Blue on the left, white in the middle and red on the right. Open the door and go to next level.

Dooors2 Level 13

Have a look at the clue above the door and do the same move on the door to be able to open it.

Dooors2 Level 14

Dooors2 Level14

Tilt your phone gently to move the yellow ball and you will see a small red ball rolling behind. Catch it and then us it on the left rabbit with a missing eye. Select it from your inventory and put it on its right eye. The door will unlock.

Dooors2 Level 15

Dooors2 Level15

Pick up the wooden stick behind the left cactus and use it on the button on the ceiling. Now you need the press the buttons in the correct order from the smallest to the biggest cactus. The correct order is N°2 / N°4 / N°1 / N°3.

Dooors2 Level 16

Zoom on the two silver latches on the door and use your screwdriver on it. Now with two fingers hit the whit buttons at the same time and quickly hit the door when the two balls are above the green line.