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You have now reached the last part of this complete walkthrough! I hope you enjoed this game as much as we did!

Climb up the ladder without getting hit too many times by the brown boxes. Tilt your phone left or right to avoid the boxes. Escape The Titanic You need to avoid all the boxed before being able to climb.

 Escape The Titanic 13

Quickly tap your life vest from your inventory to wear it. Then you need to physically blow some ar at the bottom of your phone in the direction of the mic. Now you are drawing. Quickly swipe downwards with your two fingers to swim up in the direction of the left vest, then hit it.

You need to stay warm in the cold water, swipe the screen to avoid the ice. Then when you can you need to use your flare gun. Shoot a little before the boat and above him to get his attention. Remember to swipe the screen to stay warm.

Now that you are on a small boat you need to get the rescue ship’s attention by using your flash light. Quickly tap 3 times, then hold for at least 1 sec 3 times and then quickly hit the light 3 times.

Grab the man’s hand and you are rescued!

Escape The Titanic 14

Congratulations you have escaped the Titanic and managed to stay alive! Don’t forget to share it with your friends!