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Today we present you a new comer in the room escape games. Floors EscapeFloors Escape is developed by Dozengames and is available for Android devices on Google Play. It has currently only 4 levels but it’s a lot of fun to play. The graphics are really well done. If you have difficulties with this game we will share with you the Floors Escape Walkthrough level 1 to level 4. Let’s have a look at this new game together!

Floors Escape Walkthrough Level 1 :

Floors Escape Level 1

Hit the frame in the superior left corner and take the crowbar. Then press on the TV and use the left switch to see the code. Take the crowbar to open the panel above the switch of the elevator and press hit. Now you need to enter the code that you saw on the TV : black, red, yello, orange and green.

Floors Escape Walkthrough Level 2 :

Hit the chair and take the ring (8 blue) then click on the flower pot (3 red) and the left side of the table (6 yellow).  Press the box on the table and use the ring previously taken to make a handle. Now open the drawer and take the key (7 white). Press under the painting on the wall and use your key. Now you can enter the secret code with the numbers you have seen before: 7863.

Floors Escape Walkthrough Level 3 :

Floors Escape Level 3

Zoom on the ladder and select the hammer. Climb at the top of the ladder and use your hammer to break the panel. Take the wire and notice that there is a red 1. Now zoom on the table with tools and hit the big yellow tool, you will then see a white 0. Go on the left and zoom on the green table, you will see a green five on it. Above the door you will also see a red 3. Click on the red toolbox and enter the code, don’t forget the colors: 1 is red, 3 is red, 5 is green and 0 is white. Now pick up the screwdriver. Use it to unscrew the control panel of the elevator. Then use the wire to connect the cables and go to the next level.

Floors Escape Walkthrough Level 4 Solution :

Zoom on the couch and take the battery, then zoom on the small table and pick up the remote control under the table. Use the battery with the remote control and switch the TV on. Go under the couch on the right and take the coin. Use the coin on the top right side of the vending machine. You need to select the right colors for the bottoms. It is the same that you saw on the TV: Blue, Orange, White and red. A bottle will fall from the vending machine. Look at the top of the machine and you will find a bottle opener. Open the bottle and you will find the code to exit. Enter 3945.

That’s it for now. We will release new tips for this game as soon as it’s out. Make sure to like us on facebook to have the latest news!