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Floors EscapeThe new fresh room escape game Floors Escape has two new levels. The graphics are still nice and you will discover two new themed floors. You might need some help to solve the two levels. Discover our Floors Escape Walkthrough level 5 and level 6. Enjoy and see you soon for level updates

Floors Escape Walkthrough Level 5

Floors Escape Level 5

Zoom on the clock and look on the top, then grab the purple key. Then hit the small table near the couch and have a look at the picture on the table. Solve the puzzle and remember the code. Now hit the table drawer, enter the code 3857 and take the blue key inside. Then zoom on the couch and lift the middle right pillow to pick up the UV light. Zoom on the phone just under the mirror and use your UV light. You will see green fingerprints. Go back and hit the wooden chest. You need to press the exact same circles than the one seen on the old phone. So starting on the top right corner if you go counter-clockwise you can enter 2, 4, 7, 8 and 10. Now put the two colored keys in their keyholes and hit the top green circle twice to open the chest. Take the triangle and put it on the elevator to proceed to next level.

Floors Escape Walkthrough Level 6

Floors Escape Level 6

Hit the middle shelf and take the green key. Use your key to open the red box on the table near the elevator, and then take the USB key. Use the USB stick in the laptop lying on the table. Remember the colored circles on the screen. Zoom on the picture above the table. Now you can change the circles on the corners. Top left is green, top right is blue, bottom left is blue and bottom right is red. You will then see a code on the right of the picture. Use the code 5826 to open the middle drawer on the right side of the big table and take the needle inside. Go back near the elevator on the top of the bookshelf and use the needle in the small hole of the yellow box. Grab the red key and zoom under the drawers near the big table. You will see a red lock, use your red key to open it and press on the red button to open the lift.