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 We are proud to present you our walkthrough for this amazing new game available both on Google Play for Android and on App Store for IOS devices.House of Fear Escape The game is developed by dim_ok or Dmitry Starodymov from Russia. You are trapped into the House of Fear and you need to find your way out by solving puzzles room by room. You need to combine, dismantle items to solve all the tricks of this game. If you like puzzle games and escape games and dark environment this game will be a perfect match for you.  Don’t worry we will help you get to the end of the games with the complete detailed walkthrough for both Iphone and Android devices. Feel free to share and rate our guide. Enjoy the game!

House of Fear Escape IOS-Android 1

House of Fear Escape Walkthrough: Pick up the lock pick, glass vase, the chains from the left skeleton, the bones and skull from the right skeleton and the rope on the skull. Now you can open your inventory and select the yellow hand to use this tool. Move it around until you see the white OPEN and press it. Then you can open the door when the eyes disappear.

Open the inventory and combine the skull bones and rope into a club. Select it and hit the demon girl with it. Then tap the skeleton to take the screwdriver tip and the rest of the demon girl for the handle. Open your inventory and combine the two things. Take the screwdriver and press on the light bulb. Then open your inventory again and dismantle the light bulb and wires.

Go around the corner and pickup the water faucet part on the ground and dismantle it. Then use your screwdriver to remove the wooden boards. Then go to the left two times until you see the brick wall take the wheel and attach it onto the water faucet and fill the glass with water.

House of Fear Escape IOS-Android 2

Hit the bookshelf and remember the number you see on the book. Pick up the matches next to the safe sitting on the edge of the fireplace. Enter the code for the safe (5310-2581 = 2729). Take the soul gem into the safe then use the water to extinguish the fire and take the key in it. Hit the wooden bar on the door to remove it and open the door. You will come back to the beginning. Use the key to open the second door on the left, and then enter it.

House of Fear Escape IOS-Android 3

Pick up the lock pick around the left skeleton and the weight on the right side. Open your inventory and combine the weight and chains. Select the wire and attach it on the right side of the TV. Change the channels on the TV until you see the looped arrow. This means that you can turn your phone and read 1507 instead of LOST. Now you can go out down the hall where the last locked room is located.

House of Fear Escape IOS-Android 4

Then use the lock pick again on it and turn it around until you see OPEN and press on it. Enter the room and pick up the lock pick under the right painting. Use the matched to light the three candles then tap the painting to go into the other world.

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