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The very famous Logo quiz on android created by bubble quiz games on Google Play just go updated! Logo Quiz BubbleThe game is downloaded by millions of people every day! You can now discover the end of level 12 with 33 new logos, the level 13 with 80 company logos and the new level 14 with 28 logos to be guessed. Even during holidays, we are always ready to provide you with logo quiz answers and solution for new levels. The update was released yesterday and you can already verify your answers with this article. As always, we try to provide you with the highest quality pictures for logo answers.  Let’s have a look at these new logos together!

Logo Quiz Android Answers Level 12 new

Logo Quiz Android Bubble Level 12-2

Logo Quiz Android Level 13

Logo Quiz Android Bubble Level 13

Logo Quiz Android Level 13 last part

Logo Quiz Android Bubble Level 13-2

Logo Quiz Android Bubble Solution Level 14

Logo Quiz Android Bubble Level 14


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