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Mystery lighthouse walkthrough will help you to pass and win the mystery lighthouse for iPhone, iPad, and iPod easily. If you do not know about what is mystery lighthouse game? This is popular iPhone game. It is developed by Paul Banks. This arcade game will bring you an adventure, solve mysteries difficult to solve. But with this cheats we will share our experience, give you ways to pass all levels.

Mystery Lighthouse Walkthrough Cheats All Levels

Starting from a letter, you get a letter from Uncle. He invites you to come to Blackrock Lighthouse and share about some secrets of the island. But, you do not find your Uncle there. You must solve this mystery. There are many clues for your mysteries. Use your brain to solve this mystery. Well, this game was updated on May 15, if you do not update you can update the IOS Store. Now, to the point, let’s play with mystery lighthouse cheats below.

You get the letter, so go to blackrock lighthouse to meet uncle. But there isn’t uncle. Let’s play now. First, remove the chain. Go ahead and go to lighthouse. There is a key on flowerpot. Take the key and unlock the door with that key. Pick up an empty metal bucket. There is a picture frame, look at that so you can see that was taken in 1894. You can go out now and take the gardening shears. After that, back to the lighthouse, now go to cove. Cut down the brambles with your gardening shears. Go into the cave, there is a hut, so open it with key 1894. Take the bolt cutters and back, then down you must take water with your metal bucket.

Go to up, then back to fire. Extinguish fire with water. Take the bronze disc and back to lighthouse. Cut the padlock with bolt cutters. Open it and down. Take the metal rod and metal tongs and back. Go out, go to hut and take a coin with tongs out of the toilets. Now go to woods. There is telescope, insert coin and use it. Then, pick up a shovel. Go to yellow panel on planetarium and up 3 levels, pink 2 levels, and green 1 level, don’t change the blue. Now you can access the planetarium. Pick up silver key, out and go to lighthouse.

Use silver key to open the door that allows you to go up. Take the clock. Go to hut and put the metal rod fits into the hole and then open the vice. Take wooden carving. Put clock awakens the carved stone head so the hidden door open. Use shovel to dig the ground on # mark and take the gold. Go to wood and put the carving fits into wood hole. Take the silver disc. Go to lighthouse, up into you get a table and put 3 dics into 3 holes (silver in the middle, bronze in the right, and gold in the left hole. Turn gold and silver so you get old key. Take it.

Down and down to under room, open door with your old key. You get a postcard. Go to planetarium, change RA-57 and dec-23, this you can do on metal box beside the telescope. Go to water and go into the cave, there are 8 button around the big circle beside the stone head, tap 1 O’clock, 5 O’clock, 6 O’clock, and 9 O’clock so you will get the big circle light. Take the stone head. Put that on the place (where you find 3 stone head). Take the green crystal. Go to lighthouse, up, up , up until you get the bulb, replace it with green crystal.

Go to under room, tap the circle and you will get countdown.

Congratulations, you have won the game. We hope this mystery lighthouse app walkthrough useful for you.