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Stupidella walkthrough for all levels will help you to pass and win the game easily. Maybe you can’t pass some level on stupidella game, so this stupidella walkthrough is the best solution. So, what is stupidella? Maybe you ask about it. If you know about Cinderalla this is parody game about it. Funny game but I can’t win the game easily at the first time. After search in some forums and ask to my friends, finally I can pass all levels. Here I write and share stupidella walkthrough for you. Let’s play it now!

Stupidella Walkthrough All Levels

Level 1: There is a box on your screen. Goal of the first level is to open that box. The key is 897.

Stupidella 2: Click on cigarette three times. Then, click on the trash. After that, you can leave this level use the car (Just click on the car)

Stupidella walkthrough level 3: There is a bottle on the middle of your screen. Click it, so she drinks it.

Level 4: It’s easy. You have to change the day to morning (click on the moon). After that, click on her face. So, she wakes up.

Level 5: She is chased by a dog. You have to change this situation. She chases the dog by click turn back sign.

Level 6: This level is very easy. You have to click on trumpet (on left down).

Level 7: Just click on DIFFERENCES word.

Level 8: Click 3, 10, 5 on coins.

Stupidella walkthrough level 9: She is on the upper left corner. Click it so she will come looks like tarzan.

Level 10: Click motor (on the back of the ship) and then click ship handle on the middle.

Level 11: Click bazooka on the right of the girl.

Level 12: Just click her.

Level 13: Click on the TV. So, there is ghost. After that, click on girl foot.

Level 14: Click first girl from the left, then 3rd girl, after that 6th girl, and 7th.

Level 15: Click on the bre**st girl.

Level 16: You have to find 10 spectators who have face like her and click it.

Level 17: First, click on referee. After that, you have to click SWIM letter.

Level 18: Click button beside the door of helicopter. Click parachute behind the girl. Then click JUMP.

Level 19: Click grass on the left, then the grass will be moved. After that click the hole.

Stupidella walkthrough level 20: This is the latest on our tutorial. She is on the wrong rocket. Click on the middle rocket.

We will give you update of stupidella walkthrough if the developer release the next levels.