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The game now reached the second place in Google Play! 100 Floors EscapeBut it also changed its name to The Floor Escape (formerly known as 100 Floors Escape), which is a strange move from the developers. But anyway we will continue to show you the answers for the next 7 levels of this game. Have a look at our new The Floor Escape Level 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 walkthrough. What do you think about this new name? Let us know in the comments.

The Floor Escape Level 50

Turn your phone upside down to be able to read the number 49. Now you can count the number of red dots that make up each number. 10 red dots for number 4 and 13 red dots for number 9. On the door press 1013 to be able to go to next level.

The Floor Escape Level 51

The Floor Escape Level 51

On this level you need to complete the puzzle picture. In the end it should look like the picture above.

The Floor Escape Level 52

You need to put the gems in the correct spots as shown on the floor. Put it will move a bite randomly. So you can try to hit the gems in this order: red/green/lightblue/yellow/red/lightblue/green/blue/purple/lightblue/yellow/green/blue/purple/yellow/green/blue/purple/green.

The Floor Escape Level 53

The Floor Escape Level 53

Take a deep breath and prepare yourself to act fast on this level. When you are ready shake your phone and then quickly drag all the white X’s in the square in the middle.

The Floor Escape Level 54

0° = circle = 1 block / 90° x 4 = Squares = 3 blocks / 120° x 6 = Hexagon = 6 blocks / 60° x 3 = Triangles = 4 blocks. So now you can change the numbers on the doors. Top left = 3 / top right = 6 / bottom left = 1 / bottom right = 4.

The Floor Escape Level 55

The Floor Escape Level 55

Here you need to figure out how to transform the code 1997 into the right number of circles and triangles. Number 1 is 6 circles, 9 is 4 triangles and 2 circles and 7 are 6 triangles. So for the final code you need to hit the triangle and circle in this order: Hit the circle 6x / triangle 4x / circle 2x / triangle 12x.

The Floor Escape Level 56

Notice that when you shake your phone the painting will go up and let you see the clue which is this X. So you simply need to make and X on the door to complete this level.

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